How to Be Part of the Project?

Uni-CLI’s Helpers are companies, foundations, or institutions who support my mission to help humans learn about STEAM.

There are several categories and levels, which I describe below:

These strategic partners support Uni-CLI’s or his friends’ technological development in exchange for the promotion of their respective brand in my social media channels or events. If you would like to know more about costs, amount of publications or periods of time contact us.

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These strategic partners donate computers, electronic components or materials (like notebooks, pencils, photocopies, etc.). We accept donations of materials for our workshops.

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These strategic partners offer their own robotics or STEAM programs, or they have their own robotics academies and want to guarantee that their programs are in fact STEAM. These partners will enjoy discounts during my events, my trainings and they could have promotion options in my marketing channels. Also, they will receive training about STEAM. These partners will have three levels:

  1. Level Entry:
  2. Dream Players Advanced:
  3. Drean Players Enhanced:

To learn more details about the type of partnership, you can contact us.

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These partners are strategic allies for communicating Uni-CLI’s messages. If you are a media publication company and you are interested in broadcasting Uni-CLI’s positive messages, help us sread the news.

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Any professional who wants to offer volunteering work for Uni-CLI: from professors and teachers to develop courses up to engineers who want to help building new kits for our workshops or write programming tutorials; or artists who want to donate their art for audiovisual materials for courses or marketing. Contact us if you are interested in the cause and want to help.

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Be Part of the Project

I need your help to continue to grow and evolve. Please help us to continue operating and dreaming with you.