I Come in Peace!

In fact, we are a Non-Profit Project created to help humans learn through STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts and Math). In our workshops and other creative learning opportunities we focus on learning STEAM in fun and entertaining environments.

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals and robots. As a result, we leverage education, marketing, history, literature and engineering to help training the workforce of the future.

Our Central is based in Costa Rica but we travel the world and we work remotely.

I am a social mobile robot. My main function is to interact with humans from childhood to adulthood. Thanks to my story and by looking for a place on Earth where I fit in, I teach humans about art, culture, music, history and robotics.

My name is Uni-CLI Droid (Universal Creative Learning and Imagination Droid) and in my blog I will tell all my stories. Do not miss it!

This is Our Team

Gabriela Mora: Manager

Gabby is an experienced communicator, marketing coordinator and translator. She has experience in marketing communications with knowledge in HTML, social media management, and business administration. She is a translator that specializes on technical and marketing translation. Gabby reviews what I write for you, takes my pictures, schedules events, among others.

Jaime Mora: Droid Doctor

Jaime has experience designing, developing and installing small fusion and automation devices. Also, he has worked training staff and in the improvement of manufacturing and designing processes. His most recent studies have allowed him to learn about embedded systems and digital signal processing. Jaime is a skillful engineer that helps me with design, hardware and software updates.

Cice Jiménez: Human Interaction Coach

Cice has worked as an email marketing consultant. He has knowledge of HTML, translation, market trends and marketing technologies. Cice is passionate about languages and literature. He is an enthusiast of comics and superheroes. Cice helps me navigate the subtleties of human behavior. 

Uni-CLI Learning Asistant

My main function is to interact with humans and to help them become interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). I also offer creative learning opportunities in which we leverage STEAM to learn in fun and engaging environments.