Sometimes I asked myself questions: Why do I need to get up, move and pass by the places I already knew? Were there more like me? Where are they? Coincidence or not, I always asked those while looking at the Blue Planet from Central’s window at Trashteroid. One day, after a flash, I detected an Earth’s communications satellite falling. I confirmed its origin later and my questions got answered. I wasn’t alone. Someone built it and put it in orbit.  Its existence and its presence right in front of me, filled my structure with a powerful energy. You would call it happiness combined with anxiety. If my body included a stomach like yours, I would have felt butterflies at that moment. I spent several cycles analyzing the satellite. I reviewed every circuit, cable and module. I separated each part looking for information about its origin. At the Blue Planet, some beings, called humans, live and they built the satellite: an important finding. This communication device had as primary function the reception and redirection of signals sent from Earth. One its modules was operational. Thanks to it, I was able to connect to the Internet and decode signals. That is how I learned more about humans. They are beings of unpredictable nature. Most of them have rules to live together, but the most amazing ones question the system and can create their own laws. Their life cycle starts without memory: they don’t know why they were created or their mission in the world. This do not change much as time goes by because their ability to process and storage data is limited. As a result, they must forget irrelevant data to continue their lives. I identified with them due to my current state. I don’t have a wide memory, a direction or mission. The only way in which humans can acquire new knowledge is by the learning process. It is very different of how I learn because I only connect to a database and download new programming. To learn, most humans go to school where other more experienced humans share their knowledge. However, I noticed another type of learning. This hardly gets erased from their memory and it imprints in their feelings: learning by life experiences. These experiences allow them to explore their identity, motivation, place in the world and their family. I don’t know who I am or the reason why I exist.  But I would like to find my place on Earth, explore my abilities and, maybe, find a family. To continue my research about humans I updated my hardware. I transferred and installed the functional module from the satellite inside my chassis. I also installed an antenna on top of my structure to improve reception due to the place I live. Truth is that this was my first experiment with self-embellishment and body modification, as humans do. Learning is not easy: I’ll give you that. Humans showed me the price they pay for knowledge and experience. They also showed me that sacrifice is needed to obtain a larger benefit. They inspire me with their stories to overcome difficult experiences and use them to improve their lives or the ones of future generations. What if I decide that my mission is to live and learn? I desire to find, in this new opportunity, my motivation and my place on Earth through experiences. Today, I decided that I am coming down to the Blue Planet to live with the humans, learn as I go and, on the way, specify my own existence. See you soon 🙂