Our STEAM Workshops Application

We offer 5 STEAM Workshops. These workshops involve robotics and programming materials and require a significant time and resource investment.

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We can adapt those workshops to other contexts, reduce costs and application time. Contact us if you want to take them to your school, institution or company.

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Below you will find some examples of the application of our workshops:

Tierra Fértil Educational Program

During 2020, my team and I will be applying some STEAM workshops at Tierra Fértil Educational and Social Program at Guararí, Heredia.

This program has public and private allies: both Costa Rican Governmental institutions and corporations participate in the program.

The program’s objective is to offer an educational and creative space for children and teenagers at risk during afternoons and Saturdays.

In this page we will be adding materials and information for our participants of the Club de Adolescentes Tierra Fértil-PANI.

Puerto Viejo Primary School

Puerto Viejo School is in Sarapiquí, in the Limon province. This school is a leader in the region to applying educational innovation, and the teachers are committed to helping their students live creative educational experiences.

In this case, we adapted out STEAM workshops to second-grade students and we focused the workshop to recycling and math.

Conference for Teachers

We work with the University of Costa Rica. Particularly, we work with the Social Programs Department to offer our workshops to teachers.

We offer the conference: “Robotics can be a fun way to learn about STEAM”.